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In Venice for over 30 years


Our History

Discover the authentic atmosphere of Devil's Forest Pub, a true institution in Venice with over three decades of history. This historic venue is a landmark for those wishing to savor the essence of an authentic experience, set against the magical backdrop of La Serenissima.

Enveloped in the shadows of dark wood and echoes of stories hung on the walls, visitors can explore a carefully curated selection of beers that evoke distant traditional malt houses. Devil's Forest offers a unique refuge where the charm of a real pub blends with the mysterious Venetian spirit, creating an unforgettable experience.

The Pub Today

Today, Devil's Forest Pub is a unique meeting point in Venice for beer enthusiasts and more.

Also specializing in mixology, the pub offers a list of creative cocktails that accompany classic pints, enchanting guests with bold flavors and surprising pairings. It's not just a journey through the world of craft beers, but also an exploration into the art of cocktails.

And for those looking for a bite in a relaxed atmosphere, the lunch menu is the perfect answer: simple, tasty dishes carefully prepared to complement your favorite drink at lunch.

Come and discover the modern face of a tradition that continues to evolve.

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We are in the historic center near Rialto

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For over thirty years in Venice

Our Pub

Stepping through the doors of our pub, you will immerse yourself in an exclusive and engaging experience. With a welcoming atmosphere and warm service, you will be immediately captivated by our unique character