Devil's Forest Pub

Devil's Forest Pub

Flavor and history in a timeless Venetian gathering place.

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Tradition and Hospitality in the Heart of Venice

A story that began over 30 years ago.

Thirty years ago, in a Venice yet devoid of true pubs, a group of visionaries decided to inaugurate something completely new. Thus was born a unique venue, the "DEVIL'S FOREST PUB," a pub in the most authentic sense of the word, but free from any labels — neither Irish, Scottish, nor English. Just a melting pot of joy where anyone, from any corner of the globe, can sip great beer and forge friendships.

Over the years, the founders, now whitened by time and a bit heavier, have kept a firm hold on the helm of the pub, which has earned the title of "The Oldest Pub in Venice," transforming it into a pillar for the local community and a landmark for visitors from around the world, proud to be part of it.

Our Pub

Stepping through the doors of our pub, you will immerse yourself in an exclusive and engaging experience. With a welcoming atmosphere and warm service, you will be immediately captivated by our unique character